Sunday, 30 October 2011

Underage Anorexia: How much do you eat?

Of course, one of the most searched things on google is 'how many calories do anorexics eat'
This can be a hard question to answer because everyones different..
my first source says 'under 1000'
my second source says 'the further you are into anorexia, the less you eat'
my third source claims 'up to 500 but some anorexics take one thing like a piece of cheese and the anorexic eats it none stop throughout the day, but only that one food!'
my fourth source says 'from my personal experience, 400 is the perfect number'

My diet on a good day is when i skip breakfast and lunch and have a large salad (consisting of iceberg lettuce and cucumber) and a small handful of what the evening meal is. 
this can vary from 100-400 calories a day, 
on every 'other' saturday i eat one chinese takeaway, and on every wednesday i fast but i eat one kinder maxi bar and diet coke to keep me going.
so its pretty much 4 days of undereating for me... which im happy with even though i feel so guilty.

Unlike many of you readers, i cant have a 'binge and purge session' once every couple of weeks, because i have a severe peanut, treenut, seeds and palm oil allergy which means i cant eat the following;
Chocolate (except kinder)
Ice Cream
All Tree-nuts 
Palm oil and other nut and seed oils
and more...

Odviously this allergy has a detrimental affect on my weight (:D) and on my nutrition..
so whenever i binge i have to do it on stuff like 'squares' which are salt n vinegar crisps and milk and kinder bars, which with the crisps makes it incredibly hard to purge, so therefore i dont binge.
i chew and spit food, the easiest way to do so i will put in a seperate blog.


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  1. Your metabolism is as unique as your personality. Everyone metabolizes fat, carbohydrates, and protein in different ways. These calorie calculators are nice for getting a general idea for what your caloric intake should be, but they shouldn’t be the last word on the subject.