Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The skinny girl diet (beginners only)

The Skinny Girl Diet
This is a pro-ana's beginner diet, helps you ease into a more extreme diet, like  
'abc diet' or 'cabbage soup diet'.
The Skinny Girl Diet is a shorter, easier version of the ABC Diet
Its a calorie restriction diet but you can eat as much fruit and veg as you like and it doesnt count in your total calorie intake.
The diet has to be started on a Monday.

Day 1. 400 calories
Day 2. 300 calories
Day 3. 400 calories
Day 4. 500 calories
Day 5. 450 calories
Day 6. 650 calories
Day 7. 650 calories
Day 8. 400 calories
Day 9. 300 calories
Day 10. 400 calories
Day 11. 500 calories
Day 12. 450 calories
Day 13. 650 calories
Day 14. 700 calories
Day 15. 400 calories
Day 16. 300 calories
Day 17. 400 calories
Day 18. 450 calories
Day 19. 500 calories
Day 20. 650 calories
Day 21. 700 calories
Day 22. 400 calories
Day 23. 300 calories
Day 24. 450 calories
Day 25. 500 calories
Day 26. 450 calories
Day 27. 650 calories
Day 28. 700 calories
Day 29. 400 calories
Day 30. Fast!


  1. Just wondering what's the importance of startin on a Monday?...is it bad if I want to start another day?..and why?

  2. Its just easier on mondays because the calories are set higher on the weekends , 6th 7th days etc. its not bad no tbh you should start it but just start again on the monday to keep order intact.
    Stay strong lovelie! xx

  3. Is this intake or net calories?

  4. do you also have to count the stuff you purge?

  5. on the fast day do fruit and veg count?

  6. this diet did not work for me! Instead of losing weght i never lost a single Kilo

  7. i eat less cal. then this everyday for the last few years and iv never lost any weight. can someone help.

  8. Does it matter what u eat in calories or is 400 calories just 400 calories?

  9. I need to lose 50 pounds. Is this the way to go? I like fast results.

  10. for those that haven't lost weight, its usually because you've limited intake for so long that your body is able to function on very little. This is very common with both those that diet, suffer from eating disorders and those that compete in bodybuilding competitions where they diet hard. A good way to get around this is to reverse diet. This means gradually increasing intake weekly or fortnightly and eventually your metabolism will catch up. It means that when you diet down again you can lose weight by eating much more. Eg, you lose weight at 800calories, then you plateau, so you drop down more, eventually you get to a point where you cannot cut back on calories anymore. Whereas if you reverse diet, you can start losing weight for eg at 1500, then drop a bit more when you plateau. What you need to ask yourself is what do you do when you cannot cut energy intake anymore but have plateaued? I am an ED sufferer so understand the subject. I am also a qualified gym instructor, personal trainer, nutrition and weight management advisor and have numerous other qualifications under my belt xoxo

  11. An easy way to drop fat is to bring your CARBS under 20 grams daily. Your body will enter a ketogenic state and you will burn your own body fat for energy.

  12. How fast can I lose 3 stone, and how?! x

  13. I'll starve myself to death...yeah :)